ECM produces a full range of asphalt products, from basic mixes to innovative mixes using recycled materials and modified polymers.

environstewardOur asphalt is produced with the highest quality binders and aggregate available in the market. Our aggregate is crushed granite, always coming from the same source.

ECM meets Greenbook and Cal-Trans specifications.

What are your asphalt needs? Large or small, our plant can handle any size project! Simply call our plant in advance to place an order and we will supply you with the highest quality product available to not simply complete your work but exceed expectations.

Sectors Served

We serve public agency, commercial and residential requirements. ECM is certified conforming to all Cal-Trans, Federal, and public agency specifications.

Plant Specifications

  • New state of the art Astec drum plant
  • 350 tons per hour production capability
  • 540 tons of heated storage holds up to 3 different mixes
  • Best Available Control Technology (BACT) components installed

Astec’s premium Ultra Low NOx Phoenix Phantom burner produces the lowest available combustion and noise emissions. The burner also achieves the highest electrical energy efficiency with innovations like variable speed drives. The Phantom offers advanced mixing technology and the latest technological innovations to deliver the absolute minimum gaseous emissions available today.